Is Book Buying Sendrome a Bad Thing?


Is Library full of book you haven’t read yet. Can’t you give up book buying habit? Actually book buying habit not bad as it seems. Even book read acts and book buying acts about unconscious processes that you can’t imagine. In this article, we will refer to an article that examines the subject using statistis.

First of all ı want to write about benefits of reading books. Because people says reading books very usefull but they don’t explain how. Because of that some countries even offer the reading a book as a legal punishment.

Human succeed to control a pharynx that normally help us to breathe by the FoxP2 genom evolution. So we found the language by thinking. But then we couldn’t think without language. Language is not just as a communication tool. Language same time a tool that drives our though systems. If you pay attention you think in words while thinking about things.

Really it is! Humboldt who work at 1850’s linguist, discovered that the human brain thinks by words. Today this is a scientific fact. Because of that the more words you know, the more you can think. Reading books increases our vocabulary and our wisdom.

Of course there is a huge different between books written with native language sensitivity and cheap novels. But we’ll discuss it later. Lets continue. Reading books not just increases your critical think skills and allows you to experience things you cannot experience in real life. Which make us more mature, sensitive and empathetic individuals.

Some of you could say have reading habit but my life is not amazing or ı reading books but ı can’t remember. Don’t worry, the act of reading realizes most of these benefits I mentioned through unconscious processes. So even if you are not aware of the choices you make, the books you read have an effect.


Reading makes you a smarter, more critical, sensitive and empathetic person. It also improves your communication skills and self-expression. But many people who read have a serious habit. Establishing a library and constantly buying books…

What is the limit here? Should you continue buying books or set a limit to satisfy our insatiable mind and interests? Should you only read in one area?

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a frame through the 11 to 10

According to an article published on Fastcompany, collecting or storing more books than you can read is an indication that your mind is functioning well.

There is a statistician named Nashim Nicholas Taleb. According to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, sometimes buying too many books that you cannot read, turning it into a habit is actually quite beneficial as long as it is not economically destructive. The statistician writes that there are around 30 thousand books in Umberto Eco’s library. Eco also knows that he could not finish so many books in his lifetime. However, so many books keep Eco’s intellectual hunger and wide field of interest alive.

In other words, buying too many books or storing e-books and pdfs is defined as an action that reminds you of your interests and shows your limits. Every time you see this vast archive, you realize how many things you don’t know are and think you should be more careful when choosing the next book.


A large library even unconsciously influences the decisions you make about life. It makes us think that there is a limited time and dozens of things to do in life, so we should not waste our time. According to İlber Ortaylı, who we know with his large library, there are book to read or there are reference sources.


Bibliomania (image source)

So what we’re going to say is don’t get beat up himself for book buying acts. Even if you are not aware of it, book buying is an important life act that positively affects your decision-making processes and your intellectual identity.


There is an extraordinary information I encountered while researching the topic. There is another syndrome called bibliomania, which we can call the disease of buying more than one copy of the same book.Although it is a compulsive behavior, it is not seen as a psychological disorder, but of course bibliomania is harmful.


11 to 10 Film Poster

11 to 10 Film Poster

We should not forget the Pelin Esmer’s movie 10 to 11, which is about the life story of Mithat Esmer, starring Nejat İşler.


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