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In the article, we will try to examine Ayn Rand’s work titled Atlas Shrugged, which beautifies capitalism, and to explain its literary quality.

“Those who are too smart to deal with politics are punished by being ruled by more fools.” Plato.

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Who is the Ayn Rand?

Ayn Rand is a well-educated woman born in Russia. She got an American visa, saying she would visit her relatives in America at the age of 21, and left communist Russia for capitalist America to be a screenwriter in Hollywood. It is possible to say that she was very influenced by the West and she sees capitalism as a logical form of government. The philosophy of objectivism she founded is a philosophy that prioritizes logic and individual interests in parallel with capitalism. Atlas Shrugged, on the other hand, is one of the most important novels that made her and her philosphy known in America.

Summary of The Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged, a novel about the strikes of employers, not workers, as has been customary for years. In the testimony of the character named Dangy, it describes the blockage of a system that has become inoperable due to state intervention.

a Photo of Ayn Rand

a Photo of Ayn Rand

The novel is a long narrative that lasts over a thousand pages. However, it can be honestly said that there are lots of disruptions and in some parts of the narrative so slow that you need to take a break and rest. Most details are unnecessary and long. This is partly due to Atlas Shrugged’s being a novel with a thesis, and you witness the constant effort of the reader to be convinced of a philosophical system. Nevertheless, a story that can be completed in a maximum of 350 pages has been stretched unnecessarily.

The Atlas Sgrugged's Cover

The Atlas Sgrugged’s Cover

We think that in qualified literary works, only the reality of life should be included, that the reader should not be directed towards an idea, even if there is such an effort, it should be done without being perceived. Ayn Rand, in Atlas Shrugged, took the thought to be told through a reality of life, but because it puts this reality of life into the eyes of the reader in an almost didactic style, it displays an unqualified appearance.

The Topic of The Atlas Shrugged

The narrative argues that the state should not interfere with anything related to capital. He claims that any regulation made under the guise of a social state only benefits the parasitic or unskilled rulers who rely on the state. He says the state should not make any commercial regulations.

When you read it without prejudice, there are points where Ayn Rand is really right, and there is an in-depth examination of how the economy of a country governed by free market principles has deteriorated. But Ayn Rand defends her thesis on capital so ambitious that these studies are unfortunately overshadowed and the brutal capitalism discourse is more prominent.

He regards production as sacred, but regards every means as permissible in reaching it. It ignores the so-called disproportionate profit. Although he tries to make the philosophy he defends impressive through literature, he ignores the cocoa producers, for example, who have not tasted chocolate in her life.

In the form of an unshakable rule, he says that every hardworking person in the world has money, but we know with today’s knowledge that not every honest, hardworking person can have money and is exposed to injustice in most places. It ignores the fact that there are people who are honest and hardworking people who cannot access treatment because they do not have the money. Atlas Shrugged:

“It is a living power that dies when money is torn from its roots. It does not serve a mind that cannot be equated with itself. Is that why you call it bad?”

It is logical at first glance, but it is unfair when you think deeply.

General Evaluation

Admittedly, Ayn Rand studied and learned the basics of economics before writing the book:

“Gold was an objective value, the equivalent of the wealth produced. Paper is a mortgage on a wealth that does not exist, and gives the gun to those who are expected to create that wealth.”

However, it is not literally successful. Even though very long speeches increase the tone of the text, the work cannot get rid of its didactic style. The fact that our main character, Dangy, could not join the strike until the last moment seems without depth and reason.

The preface, put at the head of the book by the publishers, takes away the reader’s responsibility for thinking. We would like the reader to encounter the text directly without encountering preface. It should also be said that the preface was written by an advertiser who does not understand literature.

Although my last assessment of the novel is historically an important narrative and has important points, it is an unqualified work despite its interesting subject.


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Briefly My Opinion

Despite being an important narrative and interesting subject historically, its didactic style, invalid philosophy and unnecessary length became a work that we find unqualified.

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