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In this article, we will briefly talk about Ihsan Oktay Anar and try to examine his work named The Book of Devices.

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I met Ihsan Oktay Anar too late. You know, reading a book also means chatting with its author. I chatted with Ihsan Oktay Anar for days. The name of the last conversation we had is The Book of Devices. The book describes the mechanical weapons and tools invented by a person named Yasef Celebi.

In this book, the author takes his intelligence beyond The Atlas of Misty Continents. You can understand the introduction on the back cover of the book after the book is finished: A book that cannot be explained easily. It is a story that you want to share with your friends with pictures that tell the limitless imagination.

The Topic Of The Book Of Devices

The novel start with man named Yasef Celebi. Than we met Yasef Celebi’s student Black Calud and than Black Calud’s student Üzeyir. There is also a character named Tall İhsan. The Tall Ihsan is actually the author himself. İhsan Oktay Anar infiltrates novels as a character. This is one of the features that make us admire the author.

Ihsan Oktay Anar

Ihsan Oktay Anar

What I like most about the book is that the event is told with dozens of different narrators.

Summary Of The Book Of Devices

To summarize the book, I have to talk about a character: Yasef Celebi. Yasef Celebi is an ambitious person who devotes himself to making inventions, believing that he can rule the world. He sees every way permissible to overcome the obstacles in his way. However, he cannot persuade Tall Ihsan, who works in a position similar to today’s industry minister to gain approval for his inventions. He kidnaps even the child of Tall Ihsan to persuade.

The Book of Devices Turkish Book Covers

The Book of Devices Turkish Book Covers

Yasef Çelebi has numerous inventions in mind. He cannot make any of these accepted by the palace. He sees Calud, which he bought from the slave market, as his successor. The same Calud causes an important break in his own life.

Many topics from the emergence of tequila to important social events are explained in the novel. There are magnificent illustrations of the inventions described in the book. The Book of Devices is an incredibly elaborate piece of work.

Ihsan Oktay Anar’s Book

Ihsan Oktay Anar worked as an academician until 2011. His best known book is The Atlas of Misty Continents. But there are other novels that have been influential and very qualified.


  • The Atlas of Misty Continents
  • The Book of Devices
  • Amat
  • Taciturns
  • Seventh Day
  • The Nasty Hero

Story Book

  • Stories of Afrasiab

The author lives in the city of Izmir in Turkey. He prefers to stay out of sight and has not interviewed any broadcast medium for years. He recently appeared by chance on a Youtube Channel called Feathered Microphone, which was doing street interviews in Izmir. He talks about the theory of evolution in his street interview.

I add those moments of Ihsan Oktay Anar below.

Years ago, I forgot his book The Atlas of Misty Continents while on a bus. So I was only able to read part of The Atlas of Misty Continents Atlas, and indeed the book is still misty for me.

If you want to access the versions of the reviews written in Turkish, you can visit I have been writing the reviews I have read in Turkish for years. For a while, I have been translating these reviews into English and I have been improving my English and I have experienced broadcasting in a foreign language. Take care until you meet in a new review.


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Briefly My Opinion

İhsan Oktay Anar is a novelist who has marked the last years of Turkish writing with his unique style and multi-layered narrative structure. Every book is taken and read with curiosity.

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